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learning performingAt Lucas Primary School, the Performing Arts program incorporates Music and Singing, Drama and Dance. When focusing on music and singing, students learn about the elements of music including pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, duration, rhythm and beat. Through play and practice, they experiment with a variety of musical instruments and compose music with their peers. When exploring singing, students learn to sing in tune and to work with others to sing in harmony. They develop the confidence to sing in front of an audience and to stretch their voice to different pitches for different songs.

In Drama, students learn about the different elements of drama including stagecraft, characters, plot, dialog and direction. They explore the importance of movement and voice when performing. Dance at Lucas Primary School fosters social interaction and cooperation. Students learn how to keep in time with different genres of music, communicate ideas using body movement and work cooperatively within a group dynamic.

Self-expression, creativity and embracing individuality are key elements of Performing Arts at Lucas Primary School.