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learning artsThe Visual Arts program at Lucas Primary School offers a diverse range of opportunities for students to become curious and creative learners through the exploration of different media and the development of skills and processes.

Visual Arts is taught within a modern light-filled space within a purpose built Specialist Pavilion. This space provides students with access to a range of resources and materials to develop their creativity, imagination, skills and techniques within the Visual Arts and broader curriculum.

Within Visual Arts lessons, students are given the opportunity to:

  • Learn about famous artists both past and present, local and international
  • Explore art from a range of different times and cultures, including Indigenous Australian artwork
  • Use and experiment with a range of materials including modelling clay, textiles, acrylic and water paints, foam prints, wire and natural materials
  • Learn about a range of techniques including painting, collage, printmaking, modelling and construction, sculpture and sewing and weaving
  • Work independently or collaboratively depending on the unit of work. Team and partner work gives students a chance to develop their interpersonal skills, build connections within our school community and to learn from each other
  • Create artworks for display around the school and for the wider community